Just do the work.

The culmination of advice from my father, the directing legend Bob Bean, amounted to not much more than those four words. But what initially felt like a short-changed statement became my mantra. Just do the work. The work defines you, and only you define its limitations. 

I live to test these limitations.  You wouldn’t think the act of painting would relate to downhill ski racing, but having done both for good chunks of my life, they are very much related, and directly influence the abstract nature & challenges inherent in Directing a spot.  Both involve techniques that stretch & strengthen over time, and both have the ability to force you to step back & change your eye line, which is extremely important in keeping one’s perspective fresh.

My experiences are all intertwined and something seemingly unrelated I find inspires me weeks later as I set up a shot in my studio.  Pushing limits taught me focus and determination, and I apply that to all of my work.

Because my background is in painting, I learned composition, color and tone through the brush before the lens. I quickly learned that a discipline for the technical aspect of the medium requires mastery before it is possible to explore anything new. Tabletop being one of the most technical of the filmic arts, this is where I knew I would thrive. I like seeing how far technique can be pushed, while coming up with new approaches, new ideas, evolving and pushing the genre.

Let's do the work.